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Alexis Gauthier

Daily Telegraph February 2021

'Even as a chef, I hope we see foie gras banned'Read More>>

Alexis at Restaurant Congress

Meat Free Monday 10th Anniversary

Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks, Ringo Starr, and Alexis Gauthier Celebrate 10th Anniversary of UK’s Meat Free Monday.Read more>>

Alexis Gauthier at the LSBU Sustainability Summit

LSBU Sustainability & Climate Action Summit 2021

Alexis speaks about veganism as a classically trained French chef and his approach to applying this to his restaurant.View Now>>

Why Alexis Gauthier Went Vegan

Harden's Guide: Gauthier Wins Best Vegan/Vegetarian

Harden's London Restaurant Awards 2019 Announces Winners Read More>>

Alexis at Restaurant Congress

WIRED : Faux Gras - cruelty-free and totally vegan

Chef Alexis Gauthier mixes traditional French cuisine with a plant-based philosophy Read More>>

ITV1: Living On The Veg

Alexis guests on ITV1's groundbreaking 100% vegan Sunday Morning show 'Living on the Veg' View Episode >>

Why Alexis Gauthier Went Vegan

iNews: Why French chef Alexis Gauthier turned vegan

"In three generations, I really think humans will look back and think, what the f*** were we doing?" Read More>>

Alexis at Restaurant Congress

Alexis Gauthier at Restaurant Congress Speech

"Behind each piece of meat there had been a living, breathing, hopping animal": Alexis Gauthier goes green. Read More>>

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Alexis produces vegan 'faux gras' for BOSH food duo

Alexis wins PETA Award

Gauthier Wins PETA Compassionate Chef award

Michelin-star restaurateur and MasterChef guest judge Alexis Gauthier added another notch to his belt on Sunday Read More>>

BBC Masterchef: Vegan chef Alexis Gauthier explains his craft

"When it comes to plant based cooking, there are no rules written" first shown on BBC1 Masterchef, January 2019