Alexis Gauthier

A history with plants

Alexis Gauthier’s love for cooking with plants is well documented, first creating a plant focused ‘garden menu’ back in 1997 at his Michelin-Starred London restaurant Roussillon, at a time when vegetables in British restaurants were mostly added as an afterthought. After sensing the move towards a more plant focused diner, Alexis wrote his book Vegetronic which spoke directly to a more ‘plant-curious' demographic.

Opening Gauthier Soho in 2010, Alexis knew from the very beginning that vegetables would be a main focus, and made his vegetable menu stand shoulder to shoulder with the classic gout du jour menu.

When PETA ran an international vegan month back in October 2015, Gauthier Soho took part ‘really to test the water’ and completely removed all animal products from the vegetarian menu. He was overwhelmed with the positive response, winning UK Best Vegan Menu Award.

In 2016, Alexis himself became vegan, and annouced he was planning to turn the entire restaurant plant-based. In 2021, this became a reality, and Gauthier Soho became the first classical French fine-dining vegan restaurant in the world.

Alexis is now a regular speaker at debated and discussions and is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of deliciousness using an animal free canvas. A recent recipe by Alexis for a vegan 'Faux Gras' gained over five million views.

Alexis' 25 year Timeline

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